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Quick, fast, and done in 1 appointment

  CEREC is a progressive dental innovation that is used for the rebuilding of broken, decayed and chipped teeth. The CEREC machine creates crowns in a fast and efficient way. By utilizing packed porcelain the restorations remain stronger than the layered

porcelain used by most dental laboratories. Not only is a CEREC restoration completed in just one visit but it also does not require the use of impression material.



  The procedure for placement of a CEREC restoration is extremely simple. The initial step is to clean and prepare the tooth.  The dentist will then shape the tooth, splash it with a fine powder and capture an advanced photo through a computerized camera.


  Once the picture is taken, the tooth will be shown in 3D on the monitor.  A 3D image of the tooth allows the dentist to create a restoration plan right before your eyes. Once the outline is finished, the CEREC machine will process the restoration, which takes

approximately 15 minutes. Once the rebuilding process is done, the doctor will place the restoration. The whole process should take around 2 hours.

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