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Take a look at what people are saying.


“Fantastic Dental practice, very friendly, thorough, and organized, and up-to-date with modern equipment and methodology.” – S.C.


“Great practice, Dentists, hygienists, office staff all exceptional.” – D.W.


“I have been coming to the Dental Studio for years and I have never had a bad experience! Every single associate is friendly, from the moment you arrive to the time you leave you will feel comfortable and confident that you are receiving the best service possible!” – D.D.


“I have referred many people to this practice. Everyone there is kind and nonjudgmental. I have severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist, but since switching, I don’t mind going. They all treat you like family, they get to know you and your family and they always share their stories with you too! They make you feel relaxed and comfortable! ” – K.R.


Extremely personable, friendly, outgoing staff at every step of my experience from my first phone call & throughout my visit. I was made to feel at ease & comfortable and valued-that I mattered as an individual & not just as another patient in a long list of others. My concerns were well considered & a specialized treatment plan was developed with much careful thought and attention. I am most thrilled to have landed at this practice!! - N.C.


“The Dental Studio is the best place for dental care. The dedicated staff are all friendly and they keep up with the latest technology and equipment. I highly recommend using these professionals! “ – D.D

"I was very pleased with the service I received at my last dentist appointment! My dentist is actually my sons dentist at Cornerstone Dentistry and I love her! She was very gentle and took her time. Being my first time there, she did all my x-rays, gum measuring and a very thorough cleaning. Explaining everything to me she saw and answered ALL my questions. This place blew my childhood dentist and my dentist of the past 10 years away! I definitely recommend this place!!" - A.L.


"Wonderful office!! You walk in as a patient and walk out as a friend!! From the front desk to the dental room, every person is kind, friendly and personable." - T.K. 



"The Dental Studio Associates, LLC in Agawam is TOP care and professionalism! I've been a patient for years, and have had many different procedures besides the usual cleanings. Every outcome has exceeded my expectations. All Doctors and staff are kind and caring. This is the office you want to go back to! They have made me want to Smile! Thank you Dr. Walz and Dr. Fallon! Thank you all hygienists and receptionists for showing your commitment to excellence! :) " - L.K.




"I'm a person who always hated to go to any dentist ever. That has changed since coming to your office. Your staff really makes me feel at ease at my visits. I enjoy having Andrea to work on my teeth. She is friendly and she does an excellent job. She is an asset to your office. We are always taken care of even if we call in as an emergency." - E. B. 



"Dental Studio sets the bar for excellence in both clinical and customer service." - V.P.


"This office is exceptionally welcoming, efficient and professional. Patient comfort and care is at the forefront of everyone's attention, office staff, hygienists, and dentists. My dental case has been flawless. I have the utmost confidence in everyone associated with the Dental Studio. I unconditionally recommend this dental practice." - G.L.



Dr. Fallon - " Just a note to thank you again for the care you have afforded to me over the past year. I appreciate very much your ability to inform, manage expectations and guide one through the process of treatment.  You have a great style. The office has fabulous technology and nice staff that is most reassuring.  I really am so impressed by your confident, steady and cool demeanor which goes a long way towards relieving any anxiety I may have to the new procedures I am going through.  You are just AWESOME and we are fortunate to have crossed paths.  Good Karma to you! "  - A.M. 


Dr.Walz and Company - " Thank you so much for remembering my 69th birthday -- Was NOT expecting that... And double thanks for your professionalism and skilled dental work. You have made a wonderful difference in my daily life "  - P.H. 


" I am very pleased with this dental office as everyone is so friendly and kind.  I am 90 years old and would say I am very satisfied with all the staff here! Also, the dental work is superb and all the dental people are up to date on all the latest practices! I would highly recommend this office to all my friends. "  -I.D. 


" I was a new patient today and had the best experience! I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Silvana in reception was excellent when I called at 7:55 am as a new patient with a problem. without hesitation, she was able to accommodate my needs. I am happy to be a patient here! "  -H.B


" Great staff - Painless 2 hours for 2 crowns with Dr.Fallon"  -B.D. 


" Amazing cleaning with Andrea! So efficient and so caring. " - A.R. 


To the Dental Studio and Dr.Fallon

" It is with complete sincerity that I send you many thanks for your excellent service and procedural protocol. Honestly, you saved me from a potential crisis going down the road. You and your staff are incredibly proficient and wasted no time in correcting the problem (from previous dental treatment) and continued to monitor the progress. Thank you does not seem adequate, however, your reputation precedes you and I made the right choice! Thanks, again! "  - D.M. 


" All of our kids were nervous about their first trip to the dentist.  They walked out of the office showing off their pearly whites. Dr.Walz and staff have a way of putting kids at ease. Our kids love going to the dentist (weird but true! LOL) " - S.L.


" The best dental practice! " - K.R. 


" Dr.Walz, thank you for expanding your practice in Agawam. You are an asset to our community. Our family and friends highly recommend you. The grandkids love going too. The staff is warm, friendly and attentive to detail. Best wishes on your new journey! " - N.L.  


" Dr.Walz is the best dentist ever.  He is always friendly kind and considerate. Dr. Walz is gentle and genuine. I will not visit another practice.  Between Dr.Walz, his professional caring hygienist, and friendly office workers, I have a facility to go to for all my dental needs.  I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Walz and will continue to do so. "  - J.P.


" Dr.Fallon and her assistant work together like two halves of the same brain in unison.  It was awesome to watch and evident that they know exactly what they are doing, very professional "  - R.L.


" Great dentist...I never feel the shots. That's a sign of a good dentist to me. He's [Dr.Walz] got a wonderful personality and you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients as well as his staff. His new office is beautiful. I highly recommend him."  ~ Ellen


" In late July 2009, I was diagnosed with a cancer of the tonsil that had spread to my lymphatic system. This would involve extensive radiation treatments at a local cancer center.


The medical director at the cancer center said get to your dentist immediately and get any dental work completed that you will be needing prior to the start of the radiation treatments and then on-going dental care to prevent deterioration of the teeth and gums during the following weeks.

My lifelong dentist had retired a few years ago, and I was not very happy with the company that had purchased his practice, I was just a number, thus I had let my dental health deteriorate. I needed a new dentist, and Dr. Walz name came up in numerous conversations.


On July 31, 2009, I walked into Dr. Walz office on Suffield St., Agawam without an appointment. I told my story to Jennifer and Michelle; they put me immediately at ease. I met with Dr. Walz within 30 minutes of coming through the door. “I think he saw me on the office lunch break” Within an hour and a half I had a complete exam, including a full set of x-rays, Dr. Walz contacted the medical director at the cancer center to verify what we were going to do.

Over the next week, I had 4 appointments at the Dental Studio, with both Dr. Walz and Dr. Fallon. I started 7 weeks of Radiation and Anti-body based chemotherapy the following week. I continued to see both dentists during my cancer treatments


Drs. Walz and Fallon have worked closely with my other medical professionals in dealing with my cancer as well as numerous side effects of my cancer treatments.


All of my visits with Dr. Walz and Dr. Fallon have been without pain or discomfort of any kind, the fees for all my work have been very fair. Without a doubt, Dr. Walz has a lifelong patient in me. Each visit has been a pleasant experience; and, I actually look forward to each visit to this office. 


The staff is very friendly, easy to speak with and is genuinely concerned with your comfort and wellbeing. They have always taken whatever time is needed to make sure that I am comfortable with the procedure. 

In closing, I cannot say enough about my excellent care at The Dental Studio, Dr. Joe Walz and his staff are simply the best in the area!


I encourage anyone to contact me directly, if you would like, to hear my thoughts on this excellent, compassionate dental professional and his wonderful staff.

Thank you.


Sincerely, James P. Adams "


" Dr. Joe is the BEST: Dr. Joe is energetic, kind and extremely conscious of the comfort of his patients. For the first time in my life, my dental visits are comfortable and virtually pain-free. He is also concerned with making sure any work he does is not only functional but very aesthetically appealing as well. I believe he takes pride in doing beautiful work. I happened upon Dr. Joe when he was at a different practice in Chicopee, and would never see another dentist. I would follow his practice to wherever he moved it! He is also great with children. Great doctor. "


" The Dental Studio offers great service at comparable prices. Dr. Walz is very patient and his staff are so nice. They know I have some anxiety and they always help me through how I feel. I have been to other dentists and won't go to anyone else now. World Class Dentist. "

Kim F.

" Dr. Walz is great. I was told by a previous dentist that I needed TMJ surgery. I went to him for a second opinion and he said all I needed was a couple of crowns. This was two years ago and since he fixed the crowns I have not had any TMJ issues. I do not currently have dental insurance and I found his prices to be very reasonable. He is so gentle I now do not mind going to the dentist. "

 Cheryl B.Best / Dentist I've Ever Had

" Dr. Walz is the only dentist at the Agawam office. I have never had such a gentle, caring dentist in all my adult years. It seems he only hires the most personable, sincere people to "man" his office which makes for as happy an experience as one could have at a dental office! "

Donna F.

" Dr. Walz is a fantastic dentist. His staff is very friendly and helpful. My husband thinks the world of his work. Dr. Walz has come to my husband's rescue for emergency dental work on more than one Saturday. Our entire family are now clients of his practice. "

Steven F.

" You folks are incredible there, one day I have a broken tooth and the next day a permanent crown. THANK YOU!!!!!! "

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